Themes and Schedules

KPAC Competition Entries for 2019

cropped-KPAC-logo1.jpgYou must be a paid-up KPAC member to submit images to KPAC for competitions. You can submit up to 2 image files for competitions. Review instructions  here:  Submission Instructions

CAPA Competitions:

KPAC encourages all members to participate in CAPA competitions.   In all, there are 10 CAPA competitions to compete.  KPAC has decided on 4 competitions.  The remaining six can be entered on an individual basis.  Please contact KPAC’s Competition Coordinator for details.

1. Monochrome – submit by 23:59 PM Jan. 14, 2019
2. Open – submit by 23:59 PM Feb. 11, 2019
3. Portrait – submit by 23:59 PM Mar. 11, 2019
4. Canada; My Country – submit by 23:59 PM Apr. 10, 2019