Themes and Schedules

KPAC Competition Entries for 2016 – 2017

cropped-KPAC-logo1.jpgYou must be a paid-up KPAC member to submit images to KPAC for competitions. You can submit up to 2 image files for competitions. Review instructions  here:  Submission Instructions

A. Local Competitions:

This season KPAC will sponsor one local competition for Novice/Intermediate photographers: City Limits ( Deadline: Dec. 17, 2016) [More info…}

B. CAPA Competitions:

KPAC encourages all members to participate in the annual CAPA competitions. Deadline for the first of the four competitions is Oct. 1, 2016.  This years competitions are: Fine Art (Convey Your Message), Manipulation (Landscapes), Altered Reality and Open[More Info…}

Links:  CAPA Competitions Guide (PDF) or CAPA Competitions page.

C. KPAC Hosted Competition:

KPAC will be hosting digital theme club and individual competition – Your Best Image on February 1, 2017. If you would like to get involved and help, please contact Dave Bennewith or Dave Snyder.