May 15: Gallery Night


It’s a time to share what we do with each other and family and friends. Invite them!  This will be a social evening of sharing and ‘ooooing’ and ‘ahhhing’. It’s also intended to stretch your imagination to framing techniques. 

Bring your framed photo along with a stand (or person to hold it) so it can be viewed easily. We will have goodies and beverages to make the evening special.


Jun 23: Summer BBQ


Bring food! Bring chairs! Bring your best gregarious self! It’s BBQ time!

You’ll need a dish to share, your own meat, your own chair and your own plate and cutlery.

You’ll notice this is scheduled earlier than usual. Hopefully we won’t have the wildfires of last year but if we do we wanted to beat the smokey skies by having it in June.

Hope to see you there!