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    As of immediately, the Kamloops Photo Arts Club is suspending all face to face activities until further notice due to COVID-19. All meeting posts that require face to face will be removed from view on our website. But please stay tuned as we will be up and running as soon as we are permitted! In the meantime, stay healthy!


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    Traveling to the “Faraway Nearby”

    By Valerie Rampone
    Kamloops This Week – The Connector

    The “Faraway Nearby” might seem an oxymoron but it’s not. How far do you need to go to be a ‘traveler,’ anyway?

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    Welcome. The Kamloops Photo Arts Club hold regular meetings on the 2nd. and 4th. Wednesday of each month. We also encourage participation in other events of interest to photographers of all levels. Click Monthly Calendar or KPAC Events Past to view past activities.



    • Grand Prize: Serenity, by Siddhesh Chikane
    • 2nd Prize: Snow Day, by Huyen Nguyen
    • 3rd Prize (Student): Proud First Nations Girl, Melvin James
    • Wildlife: Perched in a Willow, Brendan Coulter
    • Portrait: Tara in Winter Wonderland, Melvin James
    • Photo-manipulation: Fire and Ice, Carrie Boileau
    • iPhoneography: Indigence, Justin Chan

Apr 19: Showcase – Mist

Apr 19: Showcase – Mist

Photo by Al Fedorak... WE WILL NOT BE MEETING IN PERSON FOR THIS EVENT. How many different ways can mist be created? Which creation is your favorite? Submit as per usual instructions: INFORMATION > SHOWCASE GUIDE >  SHOWCASE SUBMISSIONS. Deadline is Sunday, April 19, 2020. Photos will be posted on our website for your viewing … Continue reading Apr 19: Showcase – Mist

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Sunday 19 April
May 10: Showcase – Sunlight

May 10: Showcase – Sunlight

Photo by Al Fedorak... WE WILL NOT BE MEETING IN PERSON FOR THIS EVENT. Sunlight - a life giving force that can cheer us up, cause us to gaze in awe or just plain want to make us lie down and bask in it on the nearest beach or lawn. What's your favorite sunlight photo? … Continue reading May 10: Showcase – Sunlight

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Sunday 10 May