Competition Submissions

You must be a KPAC member in good standing to submit images to Competitions.

Each contestant may submit a maximum of 2 image files to be considered by KPAC members for submission to a club sponsored competition.

 CAPA Guide Update: October 27, 2016
** Update: October 27, 2016 – Click to view PDF

Submit your images by email as described below no later than midnight on Monday before the competition selection date.

To submit images to KPAC for competition selection, type this address into your email client and send with attachments:

Email Subject/Title: KPAC {Competition Title}
(Example: KPAC Nature Competition)

KPAC Submission Requirements

The Basics:

Only JPG (jpeg) images are accepted by CAPA and the recommended Colour Space is sRGB. These are most likely your camera’s default settings but it might be wise to check before you begin taking photos for competition.

The Bottom Line: (For competitions)

** Aim for the maximum allowable file size, dimensions and quality. **

Prepare Your Images:

First: Make a copy of your original image. With a copy, proceed to address these requirements in the order they are presented.

File name: Rename the file right away. Avoid possible mix-ups and/or forgetting to rename before submitting.

Convention: {Image Title}_{Lastname} {Firstname}.jpg

Example: Birds in Flight_Smith John.jpg

Please use appropriate capitalization and only one “_” (underscore) as suggested. Do not include any extra info such as numbers. CAPA clearly states that a maximum of four (4) words will be accepted for {Image Title}. See below for more considerations on naming files.

Image Size (Dimensions):

All images must be sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and a maximum of 1050 pixels tall. In other words, they must fit within a 1400 x 1050 box as these examples indicate.

image-example-landscape      image-example-portrait      image-example-square

Save or Export:

Before saving your image adjust the jpeg setting to anywhere from Quality 8 (60%) through 12 (100%). CAPA recommends a minimum of 9 or 70%. Try for at least 10 or 80% for best viewing results. Keep the highest setting possible so long as your image does not exceed the size limit of 1.8MB.

Additional Considerations for Naming Files:

Give some thought to the image title as it will be shown or read when the image is displayed for judging, as well as when images are displayed on our website. Remember, CAPA only allows a maximum of four (4) words in the Image Title (not including your name of course).

Note: The Competitions file name convention is different from the Showcase submission file name convention. In showcases, we want all photos from the same photographer to be grouped together, whereas in Competitions, we want the photos to be displayed randomly. (Photos are displayed in alphabetical order by file name.) Please ensure that you comply with this file name convention for Competition submissions to help the KPAC Image Receiver process your submissions quickly and efficiently.

Additional Info on Submitting Images:

Please follow the conventions displayed at the top of this page. In addition…

Be sure to include your name and number of images submitted in the body of the e-mail. This is required to ensure the submissions can be tracked in case of a file naming error.

If you do not want to (or cannot) send your images by e-mail, copy the files to a USB drive (thumb drive) and bring it with you to the last meeting before the selection takes place and give it to the Image Receiver for uploading to the Club laptop computer. The same file name and image size rules apply.

Special Note: Please do not expect or ask the Receiver of Images to…

  • resize, adjust or rotate your images.
  • select the best images if you submit more than the number of images allowed. If you submit more than the maximum of 2 images, the first 2 will be used and the others discarded.
  • accept re-submitting or changing images once submitted. However, if this is deemed absolutely necessary, please contact the receiver of images to make arrangements.
  • edit and/or modify the image file name. Please follow the examples above.

Need Help on Resizing Images?  

Contact one of the six mentors.  They will be pleased to assist you.