Themes and Schedule

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Showcase, the last meeting of each month from September to April, is when KPAC members share images – past, present and “The Challenge”.

The Challenge encourages members to step out of their comfort zone, focus on a topic and exercise their creativity. It is those bits of neurons lurking behind the photographer’s eye that sees the picture. Right?

The following list identifies the showcase themes and schedule for the current membership year. Themes are deliberately cryptic to exercise your photographic eye.

Note: You are welcome to submit ideas for next year’s showcases and challenges to our Program Director or any other executive member. Click the Contact Us link at the top of this page for contact information.

Sept – On the Move Jan – Classics
Oct – Glass Half Full Feb – Show Me Sound
Nov – Humour March – Perspectives
Dec – Time to Unwind April – A Letter of the Alphabet


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