About Our Club

The Kamloops Photo Arts Club (KPAC) is a Kamloops (British Columbia, Canada) based club of photography enthusiasts. KPAC promotes an appreciation of photography and encourages fellowship and support amongst camera, image, and processing hobbyists.

Regular programs help aspiring and practiced photographers develop an artistic, creative and thoughtful approach to photography. A ‘Showcase’ meeting is held each month for members to share images past, present and challenge. Challenge showcases encourage members to step out of their comfort zone, focus on the topic and exercise their creativity.

Our active meeting year begins in September and ends in June. Following Public health rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, most meetings and presentations will be virtual using the Zoom platform.  This allows members to continue sharing their photography. Outdoor gatherings will require prescribed social distancing. An online Membership Form can be found under CLUB MEMBERS tab. You are welcome to join us. 

We hope you will come and join us. To determine if KPAC is right for you, you are welcome to attend a maximum of 3 meetings for free. For more information about our meetings and special KPAC events, click the Calendar link at the top of this page.

Note: KPAC is a member club of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). For more information about CAPA, visit www.capacanada.ca. KPAC is also a member of the Kamloops Arts Council (KAC). For more information about KAC, visit www.kamloopsarts.ca.

You can learn more about our club under Information > About Us > A Brief History.

Henry Grube Education Centre, 245 Kitchener Cres – Room 1 B
Henry Grube Education Centre, 245 Kitchener Cres – Room 1 B – Click to Enlarge