About The Galleries

Our Club Photo Galleries:

The collection of Galleries  may change  over time but the main galleries have been sorted into the following Albums.

Member Galleries are the most frequently viewed galleries on our site.  They provide a venue for club members to show off their favourite images. Members may submit photos to the galleries receiver at any time.

Showcase Galleries are the second most viewed galleries on our site. Showcases are usually held once a month,  providing an opportunity for members to show their images based on a suggested theme. Showcase images will be added to the website shortly after each Showcase event.

Club Photo Events are a collection of images submitted by members from the various KPAC photoshoots, special events, and field trips.

Members on Flickr A number of our members post regularly on Flickr, an online photo management and sharing application. We provide a link to member accounts where you can view more of their images.