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The KPAC Executive are lead member-volunteers who keep the Photo Arts Club functioning with the assistance and input from members. Meetings, programs, photoshoots, field trips, and other events are planned. Dues are collected, documented and a ‘Group’ email list maintained on the Club website. Operating the website and posting upcoming events are two more tasks looked after. Bills are paid and minutes taken at Executive and Committee meetings. Your Showcase and Competition images are assembled and projected. Knowing Zoom protocols, functions and hosting skills is an additional expertise members of the executive have taken on.

Many skills are needed. Most have nothing to do with Photography. To offer assistance, input or discuss particular tasks contact any Executive member. Current executive members are pictured below with individual positions listed at the bottom of this page. Click here for the full Members Directory,

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PositionName Email Locale 
Ben Anders Send A MessageLower Sahali
Doug Clemis Send A MessageCity Centre
Christine Overland Send A MessageRayleigh
Bryan Hunt Send A MessageNorth Shore
Isobel Lamarche Send A MessageValleyview
Bonnie Pryce Send A MessageAberdeen
Dave Whiting Send A MessageCity Centre

Executive Positions

Receiver of Images (Chris Steeves)

The Receiver of Images should be comfortable working on a laptop (Windows or MAC) in order to prepare and present images for Showcases. 

The Receiver of Images will…

  • Receive and manage images submitted for showcases.
  • Ensure that proper submission rules are followed by all submitting members.
  • Display images as required for club meetings and activities.
  • Organize and prepare Showcase images to display each participants name and a “Thank You”.  An appropriate title image will also be prepared for each Showcase theme.
  • Liaison with the Web Content Manager (webmaster) to assist in maintaining appropriate website galleries.
Membership & Welcome (Christine Overland)

The Membership Director collects and tracks membership registrations.

The Membership Director will…

  • Collect, verify, organize and file Membership Application Forms.
  • Provide member information to executive as requested.
  • Maintain the Members Directory on the club website and provide member lists to the executive in a timely fashion.
Recording Secretary (Valerie Walsh)

The Recording Secretary drafts minutes from the Executive Meetings — which occur monthly from August to June of each year, as well as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Recording Secretary will…

  • Consult with executive to compile reports and prepare a consent  agenda to be sent to all executive prior to each meeting.
  • Prepare and keep accurate minutes of executive and general meetings.
  • Distribute minutes in a timely fashion following meetings.
  • Conduct club correspondence. (i.e. letters to other clubs, individuals and groups)
  • Issue notices of meetings of the club and directors.
  • File club documents in accordance with the Societies Act.
  • Keep custody of the records and documents of the club, except those kept by the treasurer.
Treasurer (Doug Clemis)

The Treasurer keeps the financial records, including books of account. An annual statement of all income and expenses is presented at the Annual General Meeting and is available to all members.

The Treasurer will…

  • Assist the Membership Director in receiving new memberships and fees.
  • Deposit membership fees and any other income received.
  • Receive and file monthly bank statements.
  • Pay & record all annual membership dues for various groups including: BC Societies, CAPA, Web Hosting, Shaw Sabey Liability Ins., and Kamloops Arts Council.
  • Provide payment for honorariums and other ongoing expenses.
Social Media & Website (Isobel Lamarche)

Given the importance of social media in all life, including photography, this positions is now dedicated to optimising KPAC exposure on Facebook and in time other social media platforms. We aim to provide a platform for sharing images and promoting the work and events of the club.

Web Content Manager (Isobel Lamarche)

The Web Content Manager and Site Administrator work together to ensure that the KPAC website is meeting the needs of the club and its members while maintaining a positive public perception.

The Web Content Manager will…

  • Be responsible for all website content including posts, pages, galleries and the bulk mailing list (cPanel).
  • Be competent with WordPress.
  • Be proficient with image editing — resizing, reformatting  etc..

Note: Training and/or assistance for this role will be provided by the Site Administrator. All that’s required is a keen interest and willingness to learn.

Inter-club Coordinator (Dave Whiting)

COVID has encouraged much creativity in recent months, especially at the provincial level. The Inter-club Coordinator maintains regular and strong relationships with other clubs with whom we collaborate on an almost monthly basis.

Directors at Large (Dave Whiting, Ben Anders, Bonnie Pryce, Bryan Hunt)

A Director at Large has no specific role.  This is a great position for anyone who loves to help out but is not sure what role is right for them.

Directors at Large will…

  • Have input at executive meetings.
  • Perform special duties as requested by the club president.
  • Assist with organization and/or presentation of club events.
CAPA Representative (Tracey Mourre)

The CAPA Representative will…

  • Report on appropriate CAPA news and events.
  • Promote CAPA membership.
  • Liaison with CAPA
Competitions Coordinator (Don Garrish)

The Competitions Coordinator promotes and manages the various competitions the club is involved in throughout the year. This includes both CAPA and Other competitions. 

The Competitions Coordinator will…

  • Be aware of the requirements and time schedule for any competitions the club may wish to enter.
  • Coordinate  the judging and selection of entries for competitions.
  • Submit competition entries and coordinate with the host club.
  • Encourage all members to participate in competitions the club may enter.
  • Provide selected images, competition results and scoring to the Web Content Manager for posting on the club website.

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