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Showcase, the last meeting of each month from September to May, is when KPAC members share images – past, present and “The Challenge”.

The Challenge encourages members to step out of their comfort zone, focus on a topic and exercise their creativity. It is those bits of neurons lurking behind the photographer’s eye that sees the picture. Right?

The following list identifies the showcase themes and schedule for the current membership year. Themes are deliberately cryptic to exercise your photographic eye.

Showcase themes for the coming year (2023 -2024) are designed not only to challenge your imagination skills but also various photographic techniques. Have Fun! 

For inspiration on the themes see the write-up below the list.

Note: You are welcome to submit ideas for next year’s showcases and challenges to any executive member. Click the Contact Us link at the top of this page for contact information.

  • 2023 – Theme: Submission Deadline / Zoom Presentation Date
  • Sep – Riverside Park Summer Photoshoot Challenge: Sep 24 / Sep 27
  • Oct – Black & White: Oct 22 / Oct 25
  • Nov – Inclement Weather: Nov 26 / Nov 29
  • Dec – Emotion: Dec 10 / Dec 13
  • 2024- Theme: Submission Deadline / Zoom Presentation Date
  • Jan: Negative Space – Jan 28 / Jan 31
  • Feb – Intentional Camera Movement: Feb 25 / Feb 28
  • Mar – Kamloops Landmarks, Natural or Manmade: Mar 17 / Mar 20
  • Apr – People at Work/Play: Apr 21 / Apr 24
  • May – Nature: May 26 / May 29


Showcase themes are based on capturing opportunities within the previous month or two and time of year has been considered regarding available light conditions.

Riverside Park Summer Photoshoot Challenge – September
Photos are to be taken between June & September 2023 in Riverside Park or your local park if you don’t live in Kamloops. You can shoot any sites, activities, people etc that catches your eye. The scope is totally up to you.
Black & White – October
Any genre of photography is acceptable for this one. Landscape, street, portrait, nature, etc
Inclement Weather -November
Think rain, snow, wind, sunshine – anything goes here.
Emotion – December
Any shot that emotes a feeling in your viewer.
Negative Space – January
Think about any space that is left blank around your subject. Think about how the negative space enhances your subject.
Intentional Camera Movement – February
Where the photographer intentionally moves the camera during exposure that creates a streaking or artistic effect to their photo.
Kamloops Landmarks: Natural or Man Made – March
This could be the Kamloops Hoo Doos, any of our iconic city sculptures or parks or anything else that immediately makes you think Kamloops!
People at Work/Play – April
Just what the title implies, photograph people going about their day to day jobs or recreational activities.
Nature – May
A favourite for many of our members who love to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and all that Mother Nature has to offer. A great opportunity to work on your landscape, animal, bird, flora and fauna and macro photography.