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Showcase, the last meeting of each month from September to April, is when KPAC members share images – past, present and “The Challenge”.

The Challenge encourages members to step out of their comfort zone, focus on a topic and exercise their creativity. It is those bits of neurons lurking behind the photographer’s eye that sees the picture. Right?

The following list identifies the showcase themes and schedule for the current membership year. Themes are deliberately cryptic to exercise your photographic eye.

Showcase themes for the coming year (2021 -2022) are designed not only to challenge your imagination skills but also various photographic techniques. Have Fun! 

For inspiration on the themes see the write-up below the list.

Note: You are welcome to submit ideas for next year’s showcases and challenges to our Program Director or any other executive member. Click the Contact Us link at the top of this page for contact information.

Sept – It’s About TimeS 26 / Z 29Jan – Bright IdeasS 24 / Z 27
Oct – Blurred IntentionsS 24 / Z 27Feb – Freeze FrameS 20 / Z 23
Nov – In the DistanceS 21 / Z 24March – Paint it Black and WhiteS 27 / Z 30
Dec – Colours of the RainbowS 12 / Z 15April – 3rd Rule’s the CharmS 24 / Z 27
S – Submission Deadline | Z – Zoom Presentation Date

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Showcase themes are based on capturing opportunities within the previous month or two and time of year has been considered regarding available light conditions. Example: The August meteor showers
are a great opportunity for September’s showcase. January’s showcase, Bright Ideas is based on using flash or other light sources when outdoor lighting conditions are limited.

It’s About Time – September
Get your tripod ready! Now is the time (pun intended) to work on your shutter speeds and long exposures. August is a great time of year for meteor showers and star trails. Maybe try some light painting. Fall storm brewing? Get ready for some lightening!
TIPS: Try BULB mode with an external trigger. Long exposure NR (noise reduction) set up within camera if option available.
Blurred Intentions – October
Here’s a chance to focus on, well, not being in focus…
Try some intentional blurring or distortions and get creative. Or, this is also a great opportunity to achieve some bokeh. Get that background nice and blurred.
TIPS: Have a telephoto lens? Try zooming in/out while the shutter is open. I think lights are fun to shoot this way. Maybe you have some post-processing tools to create some abstract images.
In the Distance – November
This one is a real adventure for the eyes. Look for some leading lines in your shots. Focus on your composition and how angle effects how you want the image viewed. Don’t forget to move around to get the shot you want. If it’s possible, try getting low. This can really change the dynamic of the image.
Colours of the Rainbow – December
It’s that time of year we’d all like to see some saturation and intensity. The various colours of the fall season are always pleasing. The colours that come out with all the house decorating. Maybe you want to choose one specific colour and with a little post-processing, you make that colour pop. Another great opportunity with the theme of intensity and saturation is taking some HDR images. If you’ve never done that but want to try, now’s a good time 🙂
Bright Ideas – January
The goal here is to take your images based on light(s). Examples range from light sources such as using your in camera flash or external flash, to actually taking images of light and adjusting your aperture to get some flares. It’s a low light time of year so we need to get creative 🙂
TIPS: The higher your aperture, the more flare you can get from a light source. If working with flash, try bouncing it off a wall rather than directly at your subject if possible.
Freeze Frame – February
Let’s slow that shutter speed right down. Look for freezing your moving images while still capturing the motion. Oooh, an icicle dripping water…double freeze! Just an idea 😉
Paint It Black…and White – March
Now’s the time to capture some black and white or monochrome images. Look for shots that you think will work well in black and white or monochrome. Even better, if you have the in-camera option, set it to take black and white right away and save yourself the post-processing step. You can then see the results as you take it.
3rd Rule’s the Charm – April
The rule of thirds is the theme. Try to achieve this with minimal cropping or none at all. Get your focal point in the sweet spot to the left or right, but don’t forget to take notice of the subject’s surroundings. Composition and placement is key. Really work on different angles if needed to capture the shot.
TIPS: You might be able to set up a grid in your viewfinder to aid with subject positioning.
BONUS: Over the Edge – May
Depth of field is the player here. A great chance to work on bokeh or really look for a great foreground object in your image. Macro is a good option here as well, as you can get a very close up and crisp image while still capturing the story over the edge of the subject.