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Showcase, the last meeting of each month from September to May, is when KPAC members share images – past, present and “The Challenge”.

The Challenge encourages members to step out of their comfort zone, focus on a topic and exercise their creativity. It is those bits of neurons lurking behind the photographer’s eye that sees the picture. Right?

The following list identifies the showcase themes and schedule for the current membership year. Themes are deliberately cryptic to exercise your photographic eye.

Showcase themes for the coming year (2022 -2023) are designed not only to challenge your imagination skills but also various photographic techniques. Have Fun! 

For inspiration on the themes see the write-up below the list.

Note: You are welcome to submit ideas for next year’s showcases and challenges to our Program Director or any other executive member. Click the Contact Us link at the top of this page for contact information.

Sep – All in the Details – PostponedS 25 / Z 28Jan – FoodS 22 / Z 25
Oct – All in the DetailsS 23 / Z 26Feb – PatternsS 19 / Z 22
Nov – Mirror MirrorS 27 / Z 30Mar – Limited VisionS 26 / Z 29
Dec – Life’s MomentsS 11 / Z 14Apr – Forced PerspectiveS 23 / Z 26
May – Favourite PlacesS 28 / Z31
S – Submission Deadline | Z – Zoom Presentation Date

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Showcase themes are based on capturing opportunities within the previous month or two and time of year has been considered regarding available light conditions.

All in the Details – September
Rescheduled to October.
All in the Details – October
Think about macro, definition and an obvious focal point.
Mirror Mirror -November
Using a mirror or reflections to achieve your shot.
Life’s Moments – December
Shots that expose a specific moment in life or capture a powerful or emotional shot.
Food – January
Food is beautiful from creation to plate. Here presentation is everything.
Patterns – February
Repetition, alternating colours and consistent lines are just a few of the opportunities to look for.
Limited Vision – March
Think about pinhole photography or shooting and composing through obstacles or impairments that contribute to the shot.
Forced Perspective – April
Using scale to create perspective. For example – squishing the moon with your fingertips.
Favourite Places – May
Your favourite place to take photos.