You must be a KPAC member in good standing to join our Member Galleries.

KPAC Member Galleries is a feature included with club membership and all members are encouraged to participate. Please prepare your images carefully and follow the instructions below. Gallery images will be updated periodically. Consider an update every few months at least. Also consider a periodic update to your profile text and image.

Submitting Gallery Images:

You may have up to 35 images in your Members Gallery.

Email your images at any time. To submit images type this address into your email client and send with attachments.

The e-mail title should be Web Gallery

In the body text, identify the number of images included as attachments and your name. The person receiving your images will acknowledge that your images are received.

The Basics:

Only JPG (jpeg) images are accepted and the recommended Colour Space is sRGB. These are most likely your camera’s default settings.

The Bottom Line: (For Member Galleries)

** Aim for quality within the allowable dimensions and limited file size **

Prepare Your Images:

First: Make copies of your original image. With a copy, proceed to address these requirements in the order they are presented.

File name: Rename the file right away. Avoid possible mix-ups and/or forgetting to rename before submitting.

Convention: <Firstname> <Lastname> – <Image Title>.jpg

Example:          John Smith – Birds in Flight.jpg

Or, if you prefer a specific display order:

 John Smith – 1 Birds in Flight.jpg
 John Smith – 2 Soft Landing.jpg
 John Smith – 3 etc.,

    • Please use appropriate capitalization and only one hyphen as suggested ( Note: <space>-<space> ).


    • Do not include extra numbers or other data such as you might use on your computer files, (Smith John_Birds in Flight-93762.jpg) but you can order images as suggested above.


    • Keep to a maximum of four words in the <Image Title> as required in competitions.


  • The file name you submit will be used “as is” when posted in the Member Gallery and will display as the photo caption.

Image Size: (Dimensions)

All images must be sized to a maximum of 800 pixels wide and a maximum of 600 pixels tall. In other words, they must fit within a 800 x 600 box as these examples indicate.

Gallery landscape        Gallery image        Gallery square

Save or Export:

Before saving your image adjust the jpeg setting to anywhere from Quality 8 (60%) through 12 (100%). A minimum of 9 or 70% is recommended, but aim for at least 10 or 80% for best viewing results. Keep the highest setting possible whlle maintaining a file size around 200KB or less. Use “Save for Web…” option if available.

You may be surprised to know that currently many photos on display in the galleries are a mere 40 to 60KB, but still show very well. Photos from newer digital cameras with 16 to 24MP (or higher) will have larger files.

Some Exceptions:

Panoramas only will be accepted with a 900px (horizontal) length. Note: Images that do not comply will be resized before uploading.

Other Information:

  • Profile Image: This is required for the Album Page. This image should be titled profile_yourname.jpg. The image should be 100x100px (head shot only) looking forward or to the left.
  • Profile Text: This should be kept short, no more than 75-80 words. Please be clear and concise. We all know it’s you writing so it’s okay to write as yourself: “I did such and so forth…”

Need Help on Resizing Images?