Competition Results

We see competition as a way to improve individual photography and, hopefully, have fun.  Member selections are the result of club member voting and the selected images are then entered into the final competitions. For more information please visit: Information > Competitions Guide > About Competitions

March 2020: CAPA My Country
Rob Stenner Linda Williams
Isobel Lamarche Cynthia Hamilton
Norm Dougan Robert Nowland
KPAC Total Score: 132.5 (Winner 149.5) – Placed 20th out of 35 clubs.
February 2020: CAPA Monochrome
Norm Dougan Brian Mitchell
Dave Whiting Robert Stenner
Ken Gray Don Garrish
KPAC Total Score: 142 (Winner 152.2) – Placed 14th out of 52 clubs.
December 2019: CAPA Fall Open
Norm Dougan Klaus Hamilton
Dave Whiting Cynthia Hamilton
Chris Steeves Robert Nowland
KPAC Total Score: 133 (Winner 152.2) – Placed 31st out of 45 clubs.
November 2019: CAPA Nature/Wildlife
Chris Steeves Frank Dwyer
Norm Dougan Terry Conroy
Brian Mitchell Barb Klie
KPAC Total Score: 136 (Winner 154) – Placed 22nd out of 43 clubs.
Apr 2019: CAPA My Canada
Klaus Hamilton Linda Williams
Barb Klie Sigi White
Wyanne Chase Robert Nowland
KPAC Total Score: 134 (Winner 162.5) – Placed 34th out of 38 clubs.
Mar 2019: CAPA Portrait
Wyanne Chase Frank Dwyer
Barb Klie Angelina Brooymans
Isobel Lamarche Cynthia Hamilton
KPAC Total Score: 132 (Winner 146) – Placed 26th out of 32 clubs.
Jan 2019: CAPA Monochrome
Norm Dougan Isobel Lamarche
Terry Conroy Angelina Brooymans
Doug Clemis Bryan Hunt
KPAC Total Score: 130.5  (Winner 151)  – Placed 32nd out of 42 clubs.
Apr 2018: CAPA Spring Open
Norm Dougan Robert Nowland
Terry Conroy Derek Simpkins
Rick Jubinville Frank Dwyer
KPAC Total Score: 133  (Winner 148.5)  – Placed 22nd out of 37 clubs.
Mar 2018: CAPA Creative Altered Reality
Norm Dougan Frank Dwyer
Katerine Kore Robert Nowland
Isobel Lemarche  
KPAC Total Score: 95.5  (Winner  131.5)  – Placed 25th out of 28 clubs.
Feb 2018: CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge
Rick Jubinville Angelina Brooymans
Mary Madden Cynthia Hamilton
Norm Dougan Derek Simpkins
Bob Lewis Carrie Dougan
Barb Klie Frank Dwyer
KPAC Total Score: 296 (Winner scored 318)  – Placed 10th out of 17 clubs.
Jan 2018: Black & White
Norm Dougan Angelina Brooymans
 Derek Simpkins Barb Klie
Chris Steeves Linda Williams
KPAC Total Score: 134.5  – Tied 15th place out of 37 clubs.

 Oct 2017: Nature (Club)
Mary Madden Barb Klie
Norm Dougan Robert Nowland
Dolina Moon George Wychereley
KPAC Total Score: 139.5  – Finished 14th. place out of 35 clubs.

Apr 2017: Macro (Club)
Gold Medal Richmond Hill Camera Club 142.5
Silver Medal Victoria Camera Club 136.5
Bronze Medal Images Alberta Camera Club 136.5
Honourable Mention Ribbon Cowichan Valley Camera Club 131
Honourable Mention Ribbon Central Okanagan Photographic Society 131
KPAC High Score Frank Dwyer – Shamrock and Cyclamen 23.5
KPAC Total Score: 124  |  CAPA: Club Winners   |  Complete list: Full Results (PDF)

Feb 2017: Digital Theme – Smartphones and Tablets
Gold Medal Crescent Beach Photography Club 123
Silver Medal Victoria Camera Club 117
Bronze Medal Photography Guild of Nova Scotia 116
Participation Kamloops Photo Arts Club 90
KPAC High Score Bob McQuaig – La Playa 22
Club Hosting: Kamloops Photo Arts Club. – Director: Robert Nowland

Nov 2016: Minimal Manipulation (Landscape)
Norm Dougan Hickman Natural Bridge Sunrise 22.5 Linda Williams Colour In The Hills 21
Bob Mccuaig Black Tusk Mountain 22 Susan Ryde Spooky Morning Fog 19
Barb Klie Changing Seasons 21.5 Val Rampone Nemutdag Sunrise 18
Kamloops Photo Arts (9th) 124    

Oct 2016:  Fine Art Competition
Frank Dwyer Palouse Relic 22.5 Klaus Hamilton In Coming 20.5
Don Garrish Near Nakusp 22 Angelina Brooymans Morning LIght 20
Norm Dougan A Little Sunshine 20.5 Dave Bennewith Osprey falls 19
KPAC Club Total Points 124.5    
Mar 2016: Themed – Creating Motion in a Still Image
Norm Dougan Fighting Sharptails 26 Chris Steeves McGillvrayFalls 22
Frank Dwyer Speeding Coaster 23 Bob McCuaig Buckle Up, Nuckle Down 21
Bryan Hunt Full Speed 23 Jim Wolf Orange Humming Bird 21
HM Kamloops Photo Arts (4th) 136 SILVER Norm Dougan (Total points) 88

Mar 2018: North Shore Challenge
Norm Dougan Mary Madden
Frank Dwyer Derek Simpkins
Robert Lewis Barb Klie
KPAC Total Score: 114  – Finished 16th. place out of 26 clubs.

Oct 2017: Lions Gate Celebration of Nature (Club)
Norm Dougan Mary Madden
Derek Simpkins Sylvia Fukami
David Williams Ken Gray
Barb Klie Robert Nowland
KPAC Total Score: 166.5  – Finished 16th. place out of 27 clubs.