KPAC Contest Scoring Form

You can download and print the KPAC Contest Scoring Sheet here to use as your worksheet while you view and score the images. Some browsers will “view” rather than “download” the PDF. In this case try a Right Click on the link and select “Download Linked File” from the menu.

Complete the worksheet then enter your scores on this form. To protect the anonymity of voter results, this form will generate two separate emails:

  1. Voter Submission: Your results will be sent to the designated person to collect and compile voter data. Verification information is not included.
  2. Voter Verification: Your verification data will be sent to a separate designated person to compile a record of which members have voted.

In the unlikely event that an error occurs and/or there is suspected misuse or duplicate votes, then the information collected in the two emails can be compared to assist in clarifying these errors.

    KPAC Contest Scoring Form

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    --- Scoring is on a scale of 1 to 10 with a ten being an extraordinary image. ---

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