LOCAL Competition Results

We see competition as a way to improve individual photography and, hopefully, have fun.  Member selections are the result of club member voting and the selected images are then entered into the final competitions.

Feb 2021: North Shore Challenge
Norm DouganDoug Clemis
Brian MitchellCynthia Hamilton
Ken GrayDave Whiting
KPAC Total Score: 134  – Finished 11th. place out of 23 clubs.
Mar 2018: North Shore Challenge
Norm DouganMary Madden
Frank DwyerDerek Simpkins
Robert LewisBarb Klie
KPAC Total Score: 114  – Finished 16th. place out of 26 clubs.
Oct 2017: Lions Gate Celebration of Nature (Club)
Norm DouganMary Madden
Derek SimpkinsSylvia Fukami
David WilliamsKen Gray
Barb KlieRobert Nowland
KPAC Total Score: 166.5  – Finished 16th. place out of 27 clubs.