CAPA Themes and Schedule

KPAC Competition Entries for 2019-2020

cropped-KPAC-logo1.jpgYou must be a paid-up KPAC member to submit images to KPAC for competitions. You can submit up to 2 image files for competitions. Review instructions  here:  Submission Instructions


The Lions Gate Camera Club presents their 14th Annual digital competition for all BC and Yukon camera clubs. KPAC is a participating club, and all members are encouraged to submit images.

There are 4 categories: Botanical, Landscape, Nature, and Wildlife; and will use.  Certificates will be awarded for first, second, third, and honorable mention in each category. One image will be chosen as “Best in Show”, as well as a second and third place. Scoring ties for 1st 2nd or 3rd will be re-judged for placement.

Each photographer may ONLY enter 1 image, and only 8 images total will be submitted to the competition.  Submit your image no later than Monday, October 21, 2019 by 11:59pm.

CAPA Competitions:

KPAC encourages all members to participate in CAPA competitions.   In all, there are 10 CAPA competitions to compete.  KPAC has decided on four competitions.  The remaining six can be entered on an individual basis.  Please contact KPAC’s Competition Coordinator for details.

1. Nature/Wildlife – submit by 11:59 PM, October 20, 2019
2. Fall Open theme – submit by 11:59 PM,  November 24. 2019
3. Monochrome – submit by 11:59 PM, February 9, 2020
4. Canada; My Country – submit by 11:59 PM, March 22, 2020