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Mar 20 – Spring Closures!

“Is it here yet?” by HjDalley

Yes, it’s here…March 20th.  is the first day of Spring.

The school district is on their Spring Break for two weeks. Therefore, there will not be any regular KPAC meetings on Wed. 22nd. or Wed. 29th.

Our next meeting will be April 5th. See you then…


(See Event Post below for full details)

Apr 5 – Digital Macro Competition

Club selection night. Tonight KPAC Members will vote  to select 6 entries to submit to the CAPA Digital Macro Competition.

Scope of Competition. A macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject in the photograph, without cropping, is of equal or greater than life size. This photograph will be taken using a dedicated macro prime lens capable of a reproduction ratio of at least 1:1. 

Macro photography provides an intimate look at a subject in detail. Judges will be looking at key elements, such as composition, technique, subject matter, focus, with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. Theme for this competition is open to any subject.  [More info – p.17…}

*** Deadline for Entries: Saturday,  April 1,  2017 –  6:00pm ***

Please review Submission Instructions 

Apr 12 – Into the Northwest Passage


Derek Simpkins is an accomplished photographer from Vancouver.

His presentation this evening will focus on the richness and beauty of the natural and human history of the high Arctic.

Apr 19 – Norm Dougan

Norm Dougan has been a member of our club for over 12 years. We know him for his award winning wildlife photos – mainly taken in North America. Tonight he will share his photos of wildlife in Africa.

Apr 26 – Showcase: Water

photo by susan ryde

Showcase challenges are to encourage KPAC members to share images! We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, focus on the topic and use your creativity! It is fun seeing what everyone comes up with and to get a chance to learn from each other.  This month’s challenge is “Water” – let’s see what that means for you!!

Please review Submission Instructions

Deadline for Submissions: Monday Apr 24th.

Apr 29 CAPA Judging Course

Develop Your Critical Eye:  A KPAC Hosted CAPA Judging Course

We invite you to join us for this intensive one-day course that will teach you how to identify the strengths and weaknesses in any image–be it yours, a friend’s or in a competition. This course is highly recommended for any and all photographers interested in improving your photographic results…not just for those interested in competitions and/or judging photos.

PDF Documents: CAPA Judging Course

CAPA Judging FAQ

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** Click Here for Online Registration – Deadline Apr 20th. **