Welcome to Kamloops Photo Arts Club

Random Photos from Local & CAPA Competition Selection

Sep 19: Instagram It!

Ever wanted to post your photos on Instagram but are unsure about the how to and possible security dangers of using this app? Caroline Dick, our new Membership Director,  will show us how to post, discuss security features as well as caveats of using Instagram. To gain the most from this instructional session, download the Instagram App to your phone before you come and be prepared to learn. 

We’ll also be showing the slideshow from our Farwell Canyon Trip taken last June.

Sep 23: Sunday Field Trip

M van Swieten – Day at the Beach

Did you know that Kamloops has over 25 murals? New ones seem to be added every year. The plan is to take a stroll around town along the Alley Art Mural Walking tour and take pictures of pictures!

Bring your cameras, tripods and be prepared to buddy up. We’ll meet at 2:00pm at Kamloops Library Square. (Note this is a Sunday.)

Sep 26: Italy/Sicily Before Your Eyes

Ever been to Italy or Sicily?  George Wycherly was fortunate in being able to visit both places this year and will regale us with his photos and stories. Join us in an armchair tourist exploration of one of the most storied countries in the world!

Oct 31: SHOWCASE – Antiques

1956 Photo – Courtesy M van Swieten

Antique: Defined as a collectible object that has value because of its considerable age.

Yes I know we have a number of members who are valuable  and of “considerable age” but remember – we can’t collect them — or can we?


Nov 28: SHOWCASE – Our Natural World

M van Swieten – Diana Rose

We are fortunate to live where we do for a lot of reasons. One is the phenomenal interactions we have with nature everyday. What do you like best about nature? Animals, birds, plants, geology?

Share your favourite nature shot with us.