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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

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Summertime  in Kamloops and we are, of course, expecting mostly great weather, encouraging us to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and take lots of photos. But for those days that you may find yourself staying indoors with time on your hands, have a look at what other photo clubs are up to. Pass on any great ideas for club activities to our Program Director (See Executive Directory).
Enjoy the great photo ops listed below and have a fun, relaxing, rejuvenating, safe and “easy” summer.
See you on Wednesday, September 13th.

Aug 14 – Photo Op & Contest

Privato Winery is hosting a photographers event on Aug. 14,  2017 from 3-6pm. They will allow people to photograph the winery and have 3 different models available and free wine tasting. People can then enter their photos in a contest before Aug. 19. See their Facebook page for anymore details. People are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner and chairs and eat on the lawn. Photos can be sent to trprivatowinery@gmail.com. They mention it is a good chance to network with other photographers. (Submitted by Barb K.)

Sep 16, 17 – Weekend Away: Farwell Canyon

Photo by Valerie Rampone

Our club organizes a weekend away to provide different kinds of photo opportunities and a chance to socialize with and learn from each other. Generally people arrive at the destination on the Friday night and leave Sunday or Monday. Activities are planned for all day on the Saturday and usually part of the Sunday. You need to find your own way to the destination and carpooling is encouraged. (Don’t forget to offer payment for gas/wear and tear to the owner/driver.)

This weekend will focus on Farwell Canyon which is about 30 minutes north of Williams Lake. Stay tuned for more information.