Welcome to Kamloops Photo Arts Club

Random Photos from Local & CAPA Competition Selection


NOTE THE DATE CHANGE! There are no rooms available at the Henry Grube Center on Wednesday so the date has been moved to TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2018.

Courtesy Clip Art

GIVE US YOUR BEST PRINT! We invite all KPAC members who would like to exhibit their own photographic art work to bring their framed pictures. Please bring pictures that are at least 8×10 and framed with at least a mat. If you can, bring some sort of easel which will allow your picture to sit upright.

Also on display, will be those prints which represented KPAC in the CAPA Pacific Zone Print Challenge and the ones which competed in the KPAC selection process.

Our intention is to create a gallery type atmosphere. We will set up all the photographs on tables around the room for easy viewing allowing you to marvel at the beauty of the photographs. Refreshments will be served to enhance the ambience of the evening.

It has been said that Photography, in a print form, crosses the threshold into art. Come see for yourself – this is an evening not to be missed. It is sure to inspire and make an impact! GUESTS ARE MOST WELCOME! 



Feb 22: Lumiere Lantern Parade

Here’s a Photo Op when the night is lit by a parade of handmade lanterns leading from Lansdowne Village Mall to the Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 BC Winter Games on February 22, winding up with special performances before the Opening Ceremonies.

Feb 28 – Showcase: MUSIC

Courtesy Google Images

And just how do you capture an audio experience and express it in a visual experience?

Be creative and do your best!

Note: If you wish to have your images included in our website Showcase Galleries please take a minute to review and follow the file naming conventions shown here:  Showcase Submissions.

Mar 7 – Composition: Linda McCrae

Linda has shown (and sold) her photographic art and has received several awards including an Award of Excellence in Photography from Muskoka Arts and Crafts (Ontario), and an Honourable Mention from the Kamloops Art Council. In Kamloops, she was proud to be one of the featured artists in three annual Kamloops Timeraiser events, an event where people bid their volunteer hours for artwork.

Linda discovered a passion for photography when she bought a digital camera in 2002 for use in her job as Technical Writer. What began as part of the job ended up taking Linda on a journey of passion for creating beautiful images. Now when she captures an image that really works, she feels a “click” deep inside. She describes it as “… click goes the shutter, click goes my soul.”

To see Linda’s work check out the following links.

Website: http://www.viewsbylindaphotography.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Views.by.Linda.Photography