Welcome to Kamloops Photo Arts Club

Random Photos from Local & CAPA Competition Selection

Nov 2 -Photo Critique Night

forage-0513-editEveryone bring 5 photos (4b6, 5b7 or 8b10 unframed)  that you would like critiqued by your peers in this group. This is a fun and informative night!! We will place the photos randomly on different tables. The group will split up and  take seats around each table.  We will spend time going through each of the photos giving our opinions on composition, exposure, interest, and any cropping suggestions. Everyone is reminded to be kind and have both positive and constructive criticism – the point is to learn to get better at our craft. :o)

Nov 9 – Ephemeris, planning a shoot overseas by air


Tonights speaker is Robert Nowland.
“How many times have you travelled to a photo location only to find the light was in the wrong part of the sky for the image you hoped to get?
Tonight you will learn about tools that can help you be better prepared to capture those special images.”


Nov 16 – CAPA Digital Minimal Manipulation: Club Selection

photo of Dave Bennewith holding a snake

Dave Bennewith will be leading this evening.

Scope of Competition:

Minimal manipulation of your photos. No cropping, removing objects from photos. Only slight adjustments to exposure, contrast and sharpening.

Can Include: Abstract, landscape, low light, macro, nature, portrait, still life, street, wildlife, etc..

Dave wants YOUR photos. Please follow the Submission Instructions to prepare photos and submit them to Dave Bennewith through the email address: 

Deadline for Submissions: Saturday Nov 12th. at 6 PM

Nov 23 – Fun Shoot: Oil on Water, Mirrors, etc.

photo by susan ryde

Dave Snider will be setting up several scenes around the room for us to photograph. Please bring your camera and a tripod! Oh and don’t forget to charge your camera batteries!

Nov 30 – Showcase: Orange

photo by susan ryde

Showcase challenges are to encourage KPAC members to share images! We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, focus on the topic and use your creativity! It is fun seeing what everyone comes up with and to get a chance to learn from each other.  This month’s challenge is “Orange” – let’s see what that means for you!!

Please review Submission Instructions

Deadline for Submissions: Monday Nov 28th.