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Apr 13 – Attention KPAC Members

Don’t Miss Out, Plan Ahead…
** May 13 – Digital Photography Workshop

See May 13th post below  for more details. This course, by Kamloops Photo Arts Club, is offered through the City of Kamloops Parks, Recreation & Culture.

To Register Call 250-828-3500 or visit www.kamloops.ca/ezreg and use barcode: 270706.

**  May 24 – Special Resolution re: Member Funded Society

At the upcoming AGM on Wednesday May 24th we will be voting on a special resolution to become a Member Funded Society. Please read the attached document (PDF) prior to our AGM.

This year, 2017, the BC Societies is transitioning…[Read more…}

May 3 – Photo Shoot – MacArthur Island Park

Bring your camera, tripod and whatever else you’d like. We will meet at MacArthur Island at the Baseball Diamond Parking lot at 7pm. Being May , we’ll be photographing in the daylight, evening light and possibly dark. Should be fun!

May 13 – Digital Photography Workshop

KPAC Digital Photography Workshop – Saturday May 13 – Kamloops Yacht Club

If you are a new comer to the joy of digital photography this Kamloops Photo Arts Club course is the workshop for you. 

Compliments of Google…

Creative photography is no longer limited to the ‘High end’ digital cameras. This workshop will be of value to any photographer whose camera allows the user to adjust Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. The impact of these features will be demonstrated and practiced by you with experienced photographers leading the way. In addition there will be sessions on how digital cameras work, composition and the effect of light on photography.

Participants will be expected to know how to adjust Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO prior to arriving at the workshop. Cameras and camera manuals are required. Tri-pods are urged but not mandatory.

Participants will have to bring a bagged lunch as there are no restaurants/cafes in the area. 

To Register Call 250-828-3500 or visit www.kamloops.ca/ezreg and use barcode: 270706.

May 17 – Travel Photography

Frank Dwyer will be sharing tips on the Current Challenges of Travel Photography tonight.  He’ll talk about using a 4-3rds camera for reduced weight and how he dealt with the different light of Greece; telling all with his inimitable stories of capturing the shot.

Thank you Frank !