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Random Photos from Local & CAPA Competition Selection


Oct 22

Oct 22 – The Visionary Photographer

October 22 @ 8:00 am - 5:45 pm
7373 McPherson Ave., Burnaby BC

Sep 14 – National Geographic Class

Thank you Google images for the pic!

Welcome back! And Hello to any newbies, we hope you will decide to join us this year.

This is the time to get your membership up to date. And we will be starting a series of teaching videos by National Geographic. Should be a fun and informative night!


Sep 21 – Filters, Lenses and Focal Length

Frank Dwyer – a great teacher!

 “It’s all about the glass,” the oft quoted mantra has murky origins. Frank
Dwyer will examine the choices photographers have in lenses and filters.
What lenses do you really need? Why filters? What are the tradeoffs? This is
a complex subject, with strong opinions. Glass (an insider’s word for lens)
has huge impact on the pictures you take, but Frank believes (with apologies
to Chase Jarvis the American photographer who made the original expression
into a book title ), the best lens is the one you have with you.

Sep 28 – Showcase: Summer 2016

photo by susan ryde

Showcase challenges are to encourage KPAC members to share images! We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, focus on the topic and use your creativity! It is fun seeing what everyone comes up with and to get a chance to learn from each other.  This month’s challenge is “Summer” – let’s see what that means for you!!